The GYROTONIC® Method is an original and unique movement method that addresses the entire person by opening energy pathways, stimulating the nervous system, increasing range of motion, and improving strength and movement efficiency. With GYROTONIC® exercises, each movement flows into the next, allowing the joints to move through a natural range of motion without jarring or compression. These carefully crafted sequences create balance, efficiency, strength and flexibility.



Manager, business woman, recreative rowing

I discovered Gyrotonics two years ago, and since then, I have been taking regular lessons. Currently, I practice twice a week with Patricie. I must say that it has changed my approach to movement and my relationship with my body and my overall health improved. I don’t want to be without it anymore.

I have done yoga, Pilates classes, Pilates reformer private classes, gym workouts, and running, but I always felt that there must be something better. I was looking for an activity that could really help me release the stiffness in my neck, shoulders, and upper back. Since I spend most of my time working at the PC, I started experiencing pain and tension in that area.

I stumbled upon Gyrotonics while doing some research about healthy eating habits on the internet. I came across a website of a professor who talked about the importance of taking care of our fascias. As I continued my search, I discovered the Gyrotonic website, and I was immediately intrigued. At that time, I was still living in Abu Dhabi, where there was no Gyrotonic studio. However, once I moved to Prague, I started Gyrotonic lessons right away.

I have to admit that during the first few lessons, I felt quite uncomfortable. The breathing technique was different from anything I had tried before, and the movements were completely unknown to me. However, I immediately felt the impact. I remember experiencing a beautiful sensation of lightness and ease that I had never felt after practicing other disciplines. I fell in love with that feeling.

As I mentioned earlier, I felt that sense of lightness and ease after each lesson, which I experienced right from the beginning. The pain in my neck, shoulders, and upper body disappeared after approximately three months. The effects of Gyrotonics are incomparable. It provides a unique sensation of lightness and ease in all parts of the body. There is a noticeable increase in mobility, and I have developed a heightened awareness of my body that I never had before. My posture has improved, and I have gained a lot of strength. It feels so good that it has become addictive. I also notice a different approach to movement when I engage in other sports, which is definitely healthier and more in sync with how our bodies are supposed to move.

Gyrotonics definitely helps me release tension and stress, not only during the lessons but also in my daily life. I am more conscious of my posture and movement in every moment. I have become aware of tensions and can release them independently by correcting my posture or movements. It is incredible and very pleasant.

Patricie is highly competent and diligent. She is a master of the technique, and her knowledge about the exercises and their effects on the body is impressive. She is a fantastic teacher who always finds a way to explain the movements in a relatable and understandable manner. She never tires of correcting and ensuring the correct execution of the techniques, which is tremendously important. She always fosters an environment of growth and progress. At the same time, she is empathetic, pleasant, and her kindness seems endless. The passion she brings to the lessons creates a fantastic energy, and her choice of music is delightful. I always feel that I am in very good and competent hands.

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Markenting, business woman, yoga active practitioner 20 years

I practiced yoga for 20 years and always loved the combination of focus and awareness through breathing and stretching. To me, Gyrotonic offers even a greater experience adding different types of movements. I completely fell in love with Gyrotonic not only because it healed me from back problems but also because I see how my body can move better and stays strong from the inside.

I got introduced to Gyrotonic by a friend, he is a runner who always wants to improve his performances. At that time I was having huge back problems, I was blocked, in bed for a month without moving and the following month, when I started to slowly move again he recommended me to try the practice.
Because of my back pain, i couldn’t walk properly when I came at my 1st session. I was afraid that a wrong move would put my body in a bigger pain. After 60min of gentle moves, I went back home standing straight. It was for me a miracle. I understood right away how helpful the practice is as a healing process and also saw the potential of improving my body posture and strength with a long term practice.
My body is often full of tensions, I sit all day at the computer and my neck and lower back suffers a lot. After a session I feel that my back can easily move, as if I had extended my spine at its full potential. I feel better, more relaxed and energised at the same time.

I became more aware of my body movements and flexibility. This allows me to enjoy more sex positions and my husband is delighted about it
I experienced Gyrotonic with different instructors. I love how Patricie notices where are the tensions and how she helps my body to relax through her professional touch and adapted practice. She provides tailor made sessions all the time, it’s wonderful.

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Jitka M.

Architect, tango and salsa dancer

At first glance, the Gyrotonic didn’t say anything to me, another machine from the gym, I thought. But after a few minutes I fell in love with it. It stretches and strengthens the body in a fun way. He helped me with back pain and stiff calves. And thanks to Patria’s positive energy, the class is also a pleasant experience and a break from everyday life Thank you!

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Barbara Š.S.

Psychology therapist, tango dancer

I was looking for strengthening of the deep musculature, to improve my movement in tango. My husband started it first and he was thrilled. I tried it and I don’t regret it, on the contrary. In the beginning it is much more difficult than it may seem. But after a few hours it suddenly becomes lighter, smoothe, flowing.. Just like my life. To the place of struggle, is the search for comfort.

GYROTONIC pro is more than just a workout for me, I feel it helps me to be much more centered on all levels. And when something throws me off, I stabilize much faster. I walk straighter. I slowed down. I feel the effect in relation to myself and others. Although Patricia’s comments are about movement and the body, they are immediately applicable to everyday life, including relationships and mindsets. I look forward to the lessons. Patri’s approach is personal, sensitively connected, very supportive. I see a close connection to the psyche in their observations of the body and its movement.

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Petr F.

Office work, actively biking and dancing.

I was looking for something completely different than what I was looking for. I thought I’d try the weightlessness simulator (aerotrim). A colleague at work somehow misunderstood it and thought we were talking about Gyrotonic. And then they joined me for lessons with my colleagues. Although I did not find a state of weightlessness, I did find something completely different – basically a dance flow without the effort that we have to devote to it while dancing.

Great, I really didn’t expect to find something like this. Interacting with the Gyrotonic cheers me up, brings joy and a smile to my face, despite the machine trying to get me into positions I think are out of my reach. Movement development, development of the elasticity of movement, range, movement flow, all of this takes place here somehow spontaneously. I believe that physiotherapists would also find therapeutic and rehabilitative potential in Gyrotonic. Bottom line: I was thrilled both with Gyrotonic itself and with Patricie as a great guide who gradually revealed its (and my) unlimited possibilities to me.

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Marie K.

Yoga instructor

¨Gyrotonic found me years ago and offered me even more than I was looking for. It was love at first touch, or rather a spiral. For me, it is a complex and at the same time simple exercise that expands the body’s range of motion, strengthens it and relaxes it at the same time. All this with ease and maximum respect for it. As if the body is learning new tricks, how to move better, more efficiently, suddenly there is more space in it, joints are lubricated, muscles are strengthened and stretched.

After each workout, I leave feeling reborn, incredibly symmetrical and a few centimeters taller. With the feeling that everything flows beautifully in my body, nothing rubs or interferes anywhere. Patri is able to tailor the lesson precisely and differently every time. I’m always sorry that class is over.¨

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Tasyia Menaker

Photograph and dancer

I knew instantly from the first trial sessions Patricie gave me in Buenos Aires that this exercise was for me. It clicked right away on my body. It felt good in so many ways. I felt it worked the exact places that needed to be worked. I felt more elongated and flexible but controlled. I love how it focus on the pulling up the center. I found the demonstrations easy to follow and clear. I liked it when Patricie did adjustments on the body with hands when necessary to feel the torsion or stretch.

I feel that gyrotonics is much more gentle yet profound compared to Pilates or other exercises. I think it is the most perfect thing for dancers as it good conditioning for the body and stretches you in all the right places and tones the body all the while doing it gently and without harsh movements. I enjoyed Patricie as an amazing teacher in both tango and gyro. She is clear with your instructions and she can read the other persons body very well.

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